Foot and Ankle Care

Active lifestyles for all ages makes us more aware of our feet and ankles-and the limits pain can place on full participation.

The approach at OANO is to strike a balance between quickly providing relief and carefully weighing the choices.  Most of the time, foot and ankle pain can be addresses conservatively, without surgery.  Medication, appropriate exercises, or therapeutic shoes or inserts can make a big difference for many people.  In other cases where pain does not improve, fractures are severe, or deformity is present, surgery may be considered to correct alignment or repair bones, tendons or ligaments.

In the specialized cases of diabetic foot ulcers or chronic foot wounds, Dr. Laborde excels at providing diagnosis and treatment.  From his biomechanical engineering training, he not only successfully treats these difficult problems but lectures and publishes extensively on the subject.  See for more information and testimonials.

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