Joint Replacements

A lot has happened since the first joint replacements 30 years.  Minimally invasive surgical techniques, computer navigation, improved materials, accelerated rehab, and a better understanding of how joints work have led to great advances in joint replacement outcomes. The physicians at OANO are on the forefront of these advances. Total and partial knee, hip, shoulder and even elbow replacements are commonly performed by members of our practice.

Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacements 

The surgeons at OANO are skilled in direct anterior total hip replacement.  With direct anterior hip replacement, there is no cutting of muscle or tendons to replace the hip joint.  There are no postoperative restrictions on motion or activity.  Recovery time is greatly shortened and less painful.  OANO is the only office in the greater New Orleans area with three surgeons specially trained to perform anterior hip replacement surgery.  

Computer navigation
Computer navigation allows a surgeon to more precisely measure and implant joint replacements during surgery.  This has been shown to improve alignment and long term survival of the joint replacement. OANO has been routinely using computer navigation since 2006.

Customized Total Knee Replacement
In certain cases, customized knee joint replacement is the answer for a patient.  A CT scan or MRI is taken of your knee to construct custom instrumentation to perform your surgery.  Here at OANO, this technology has been used since 2009.  Hundreds of customized total knee replacements have been done by the surgeons at OANO with great success.

Partial Knee Replacement
When only one side of the knee is affected with arthritis, the surgeons at OANO can perform a partial knee replacement instead of a total knee replacement.  This allows for a much quicker recovery, better knee mechanics, and long-term pain relief.

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